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Exchange PRogram

If you have a new or gently-used gender-affirming care item or a pride flag in good condition that you are able to donate, apply here to enter the exchange program and potentially connect with someone you can give it to! This program doesn’t receive funding and is only a way to make it easier for people with items they don’t need to find someone they can donate it to. Please read all information on this page before applying!



— Read this page and fill out the form

If you are someone who has an item in good condition that you can donate and the means to ship it out yourself, apply to become a donor at the bottom of this page.



— Euphoria Fund will reach out

I will reach out to you and help connect you with someone from the request waiting list.


— Connect and arrange the delivery

Gather the shipping materials you need and complete all shipping arrangements with the person you are helping. You have full freedom for how this will be handled.


To apply as a donor, you must have an item (gender-affirming care items and pride-related items) that is in good condition and the means/ability to ship the item out yourself.

You can apply as a donee by making a request through Euphoria Fund.

You cannot donate anything used/worn on or around the genital area for sanitary reasons. You can donate other gender-affirming care items, pride flags, and other pride related items that are clean and in good condition.

You can donate as many items as you want!

No, the cost of the shipping materials and shipping out the item will not be covered by Euphoria Fund for now, so please do not apply unless you have the means to ship the item out yourself! You can also arrange for the recipient of the item to cover some of the costs if they can.

The process will depend on the country you are in, so please research the policies for your specific country. If you ever need help, please contact me and I will try my best to assist you!


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